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Онч академийн тэтгэлэгт хөтөлбөр

Ажлын гараагаа амжилттай эхлүүлэхэд бэлтгэх хөтөлбөр

Онч академийн тэтгэлэгт хөтөлбөр нь шинэхэн төгсөгчид болон төгсөх курсын оюутнууд та бүхэнд туршлагатай менежментийн зөвлөхүүдийн сургалт, заавар, зааварчилгааны дор ажлын гараагаа амжилттай эхлэх, шинэ ажлаа эхлэхэд бэлэн байх практик ур чадвар эзэмших, ажил олгогчийн хүлээлтийг ойлгох, түүнд бэлэн байхад бэлтгэх зорилготой богино хугацааны эрчимжүүлсэн сургалтын хөтөлбөр юм

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Generation 3.0 of Onch & Company has begun.

Our professional, ethical, and skilled team will continue to run our campaign under the national brand name “Onch & Company” from February 2022, and will continue its audit, management and tax advisory services, training, and research. 


Our services

Audit & Advisory

Through the years, we helped our clients to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and to improve internal control systems, which would then lead to substantial foreign financing and investments in the market.

Image by Scott Graham


At Onch & Company, our greatest joy comes from witnessing our clients succeed. When clients win in their business ventures, we win with them. Ever since Onch Audit was established in 2004 we have been providing world-class tax services to clients from all sectors on a wide range of transactions.

Image by Ibrahim Boran


As the business landscape becomes increasingly complicated and uncertain, the clients are faced with the imperative of simplifying business operations.   We propose solutions that optimize their business processes, and possibly reinvent the way they operate.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory service provides a full range of services to provide investors with a framework for the opportunity to accomplish an investment contract on its due.


Risk Advisory

Our Risk Advisory practice provides comprehensive, in-depth internal control assessments and quality audit reviews in accordance with international standards.

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Onch Academy

The value we deliver is not in just our reports, but also in the knowledge we share with our clients during the course of collaboration.

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