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Guidance through unprecedented challenges

At Onch & Company, our greatest joy comes from witnessing our clients succeed. When clients win in their business ventures, we win with them. Ever since Onch Audit was established in 2004 we have been providing world-class tax services to clients from all sectors on a wide range of transactions.

To share an example of client success, we met tax authorities to represent a company that was in the process of merging with another organization. We were able to defend against claims by the tax authority that a merger should be subjected to tax. By applying reasoning and logic pertaining to the transaction, we explained the nature of transactions in cases where tax laws did not have specific provisions.


As this was one of the first mergers to be the subject of a tax audit, we trust it established a precedent within the Mongolian tax authority and provided them with an instructive experience of how to treat future mergers. This is a great example of how we can make an impact on clients through our deep knowledge of tax laws and our expert understanding of commercial transactions. Compared to other professional services firms, what distinguishes our tax practice in the Mongolian market is our team's combination of accounting and legal expertise. By combining our tax, legal, and accounting know-how, Onch & Company can see the bigger picture and deliver comprehensive tax advice to our clients.

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