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Risk Advisory Service:
Weathering the unexpected

Our Risk Advisory practice provides comprehensive, in-depth internal control assessments and quality audit reviews in accordance with international standards.

In an age of innovation, our business environment is becoming ever more complex by the day. With this evolution, it is necessary for companies to come up with new approaches to risk management. By managing risks more effectively, our clients can steer clear of losses, optimize opportunities for growth, and create more value for stakeholders. Drawing on decade long experiences of being the part of the global network, our professionals have been assisting banks and other companies in managing various kinds of risk, through providing internal audit, internal control, and operational risk review services.


We also conduct a detailed analysis of clients' operational pain points, identifying associated risks, improving policy and procedure reviews, and recommending how to improve systems and controls. Additionally, we helped an international organization assess the adequacy and efficiency of financial management policy and procedures at its implementing partner (IP). Through multiple rounds of stakeholder interviews, financial records analysis, and guideline reviews, our team delivered highlighting risk ratings, internal control observations, and recommendations for the IP's overall governance, control, and documentation.

Over recent years, we have been providing internal audit outsourcing to multinational mining companies.

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