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“ONE WHITE BIRD” Mono opera has its premiere at the State Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

“The staff of Onch Audit LLC supports the arts and culture sector for the benefit of society. We sponsored the mono opera “The Only White Bird” by composer Khishigtogtokh Altangerel and opened the stage of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. We are pleased to have collaborated with the Mongolian Arts Council, the Mongolian Conservatory, and the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater to bring this non-commercial professional art to life. We are confident that this has been a major search for contemporary Mongolian performing arts.

Because the mono opera has a single character, the symphony orchestra plays a key role in the plot and development, and requires the soloist to have a strong vocal ability, a keen sense of color, emotion, and acting skills.

B.Mendbayar, a graduate student of the Department of Musical Theater Directing of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS), as the director of the opera “The Lonely White Bird”, S.Ariunbold as the stage artist, Kh.Uuganbayar as the artist, and E.Otgonbat as the soloist of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Ts.Urtnasan and pianist conducted the symphony orchestra conducted by B.Lhagvasuren.

By the way, the first surrealist mono opera in Mongolia was initiated by L.Erdenebulgan, a former director of the Mongolian State Opera and Ballet, Ts.Tuvshintugs, an opera singer, M.Enkhbold, a composer, and Kh.Altangerel, a composer.

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