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Generation 3.0 of Onch & Company has begun.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Our professional, ethical, and skilled team will continue to run our campaign under the national brand name “Onch & Company” from February 2022, and will continue its audit, management and tax advisory services, training, and research.

We fist established “Onch Audit” LLC in 2004 and started our services as an audit service. The first years of the business required us to plug away and working overtime, and soon after 2012, DELOITTE, one of the four largest audit groups in the world within the history of 177 years, expanded its scope, by providing its’ services in Mongolia. It was our honor to be one of the branch companies of the firm that runs its services in more than 150 countries and has more than 400,000 professionals and is the largest network of professional services in the group.

We would like to emphasize that however DELOITTE has ceased its operations in Mongolia due to the economic situation in the country and the limited investment situation, our relations and cooperation still remains.

For the past 10 years, we have been successful as part of a world-class company. As a result, we have been able to gain international and domestic experience in competitive, in-demand and innovative markets in Hong Kong, Australia, London and Singapore, as well as highlight the specifics of the Mongolian market and domestic players.

We are pleased to continue to offer our experience and skills of working with a world-renowned international company in Mongolia. TO BRING YOU TO A NEW PEAK, we will continue to provide professional services that fully meet world standards.

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