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Solving the most complex issues

As the business landscape becomes increasingly complicated and uncertain, the clients are faced with the imperative of simplifying business operations.   We propose solutions that optimize their business processes, and possibly reinvent the way they operate.

The core services that we offer in our management consultancy consist of planning the internal function of the company, increasing its effectiveness, designing the business management reporting procedures, assessing the preparedness for implementation of ERP, executing the project management during the implementation of ERP, elaborating the system design, as well as analyzing and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and internal controls. Although the value we deliver may vary from engagement to engagement, we always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

In an increasingly uncertain and disruptive market environment clients are faced with the imperative of simplifying business operations while complying with necessary regulatory requirements. Our work is to propose solutions that optimize our clients’ business processes and reinvent the way they operate. The fact of our team assisted in designing the “Lean Construction” internal control systems and financial reporting solutions leveraging the knowledge of best practices and expertise, and experience amassed from working together with experts around the world represents one of the examples of it.


We have also extended our consulting services to the public sector in Mongolia. As a case in point, our team delivered the financial assessment of nine functional areas for 13 government ministries and 21 NGOs.  More recently, we prepared a roadmap for leadership development at the Ulaanbaatar Municipality. 

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